Escritos (1966-2016) - Joseph Kosuth (Writings (1966-2019) - Joseph Kosuth)

Title: Escritos (1966-2016) – Joseph Kosuth
Publisher: Metales pesados.
Author: Joseph Kosuth.
Edition and prologue: Roc Laseca.
Year of publication: 2018.
Format: Paperback.
Number of pages: 328.
ISBN: 9789569843198.


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Joseph Kosuth‘s writing has been, since its origins, inextricably connected to his own artistic practice. Considered one of the founders of what today we call conceptual art, this book brings together his most extensive collection of essaysinterviewsletters, and unpublished texts that cover the fifty years in which Kosuth has not only been producing work but also, and above all, articulating artistic standpoints that are highly informed by the philosophy of language, Freud, Wittgenstein, Marxism or cultural anthropology. In fact, this book shows that, to a certain extent, conceptual art was a program. A way of questioning forms of the given system and altering dynamics of the artistic context. Its focus was not on the objects of art (If this selection of essays is anything like it, it is an open anti-formalist and counter-morphological manifesto.), but on the questioning of the field in which those objects functioned. In their entirety, these writings present a new definition of the expanded role and responsibility of the artist in our times, from the hand of the one who set out to stop looking at images, at least given images, and to start looking from further away, to explore the context, to understand the history and to find a critical order with regards to what we are seeing. Avoiding overexposure to render transparent the apparatuses which allow us to see.

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