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ArtsLibris was founded in 2009 as a publishing fair project specialising in artist’s publications, photobooks, contemporary thought, self-publishing and digital publications. It has three annual fairs, ArtsLibris Barcelona, ArtsLibris ARCOmadrid and ArtsLibris ARCOlisboa. Over the course of eleven editions, ArtsLibris has consolidated an international reputation with a distinct identity, rooted in the Mediterranean and Latin American context.

Dialogue and experimentation are the main hallmarks of ArtsLibris, whose fairs host curatorial projects, seminars, debate forums, exhibitions, performances and interdisciplinary collaborations. The project functions as a living fabric, a plural and rigorous publishing community, creating new meeting points between art and society through the book-object.

This year, we have opened the ArtsLibris Bookshop in Barcelona. More than a decade of publishing activity materialises in a permanent, living, innovative space shared with the art gallery RocioSantaCruz. The Bookstore specialises in artist’s publications, photobooks, critical thinking and self-publishing and welcomes the network of publishers, artists and institutions connected to the ArtsLibris fairs. You will also find our titles in our online shop.

With this reinvention of the project, ArtsLibris offers new approaches to the publishing sector, providing a platform for meeting and reflection


ArtsLibris Bookshop in Barcelona, thus consolidating over a decade of publishing activity with our own permanent venue, a lively and innovative space shared with the art gallery RocioSantaCruz.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 627 Barcelona 
Monday to Friday 11h-20h
Saturdays 12h-20h


MACBA Editions

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Sant Jordi is coming! This year the celebration will be extended from 21 to 23 April to avoid crowds.The ArtsLibris bookshop in Barcelona will be…

This week news

This week we announce some new releases in the bookshop: Maria Lago’s project, Familia Editions, the photobook Marginal Gains, by Gosha Babikov and the publication…

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