Action comics (Détournement)

Author: Martin Vitaliti
Publisher: ferranElOtro Editor
Date: February 2019
Language: Spanish / English
Format: 19 x 27 cm
Pages: 16 pages.
ISBN: 978–958–48–5694–4


Availability: In stock

This publication is the result of an investigation that has focused on tracking the originals of a selection of comics by authors of different nationalities, for the reconstruction of the contexts in which they were produced. The author has recovered the information that remains in the margins, and in most cases it ends up disappearing, when these drawings enter the comic industry to be published.

With the reconstruction of these originals, the author (re)frames these images to make visible this information that reflects on the concepts of original, translation, market value or copyright. The project ends with the publication of the edition, in which the originals prepared by the author undergo a process of modification and/or neutralization for their final publication (translation, re-framing, cutting, re-drawing, dithering or elimination). of color) and return you to a consumption for a more massive public.

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