TMA 985

Author: Silvia Triana
Publisher: ferranElOtro Editor
Date: November 2019
Language: Spanish / English
Format: 12.5 x 19.5 cm
Pages: 228 pages.
ISBN: 978–958–48–7769–7


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This publication is an index in a constant process that investigates the relationships that subjects establish with the spaces and/or objects with which they coexist. The proposal tries to collect, in the most exhaustive way possible, the different parts that make up the family tractor, a vehicle identified with the license plate “TMA985” and awaiting the scrapping process, after forty years in operation.

This is the last stage of the project, a taxonomic compilation of the drawings of each of the vehicle parts. An attempt to translate into the concrete the abstraction of a content that questions the system of conventions of representation, in which the work of art becomes the support of something that is outside of it, of something that must be sought in another place. In this case, these items and their organization in different types of inventories have an autobiographical character. Signs that become traces or traces of affective relationships that, through their enumeration, enunciation, representation, reproduction and repetition, resist being forgotten.

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