Familia Editions

Familia Editions, founded in 2018 by the editor and designer Maria Lago, is a project that aims to interpret, create and publish the work of contemporary Brazilian artists. The artist’s books published by Familia are the result of a very close and personalised collaboration between publisher, artists and printers. Familia focuses not only on the curatorship, interpreting the artists’ works, but also on the care with materials, final presentation and printing techniques, always elaborating unique projects for each artist.

Familia Editions has participated in international fairs such as SP-Arte, Pinta Miami, UNTITLED San Francisco and FLAT Turin. Familia’s books are part of collections of institutions such as Metropolitan Museum of Art NY, MoMA NY and MoMA San Francisco, New York Public Library NY, Pinacoteca de São Paulo, MAR Rio de Janeiro, MASP São Paulo, among other private art collections.

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