Redsistencias. Fotografías, fakes y disidencia mediática

Title: Redsistencias. Fotografías, fakes y disidencia mediática.
Publisher: MUGA.
Author: Jorge Fernández Gonzalo.
Colección Biblioteca LUR de Ensayo | 04.
Year of publication: 2021.
ISBN: 978-84-09-28540-2.
Size: 10,5 x 15 cm.
Pages: 96.


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Can the media establish social dynamics that transform our conception of the world? And if so, can we stand up to them and configure new modes of visual production? These pages propose a journey through the artistic and cultural productions that allow us to understand the complexity of the networks, with phenomena such as virality, memes, post-truth or Big Data, essential questions to face the challenges of the present. “Redsistencias. Fotografías, fakes y disidencia mediática” is a journey through such visual crossroads, as well as an attempt to trace mechanisms of dissidence against the inertias to which continuous exposure to the media precipitates us.

Jorge Fernández Gonzalo (Madrid, Spain, 1982) is a professor of philosophy at the UCM. He has published several collections of poems, a dozen essays and several translations, for which he has received awards such as Hiperión de Poesía (2004), Anagrama (Finalist, 2011) or Premio Valencia de Ensayo (2019).


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