Like Stains of Red Dirt - Juan Orrantia

Title: Like Stains of Red Dirt.
Publisher: Dalpine.
Author: Juan Orrantia.
Year of publication: 2020
Graphic design: Jaime Narváez.
Pages: 98.
Size: 26,5 x 22 cm.
First edition (500 copies).
ISBN 978-84-09-19020-1.


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Like Stains of Red Dirt brings together a series of moments that recognize an experience of a particular place. Made after living in Johannesburg, South Africa, for more than 10 years, Juan Orrantia’s gaze points inward. Combining spontaneous, intuitive and constructed scenes the book moves through moments, gestures and objects in his home and immediate surroundings. His use of color and shadows create a language rooted in subjective, everyday experience and imagination.
In a country marked in so many ways by color, the photographs invite us to think of the surface as both seductive and as an illusion. They suggest emotions and anxieties as much as the presence of historical, political and representational undercurrents that traverse the context in which the photographs are made.


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