Delitos fotográficos (Photographic crimes)

Title: Delitos fotográficos (Photographic crimes).
Publisher: Metales pesados.
Author: José Pablo Concha Lagos.
Year of publication: 2016.
Pages: 130.
ISBN: 978-956-9843-10-5.


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“…the arrival of digital technology and the migration of photographic production into its ranks, introduced such drastic transformations that it became necessary to rethink the whole theory in the light of this unexpected metamorphosis. José Pablo Concha Lagos tackles this task. He does so in dialogue with some of the authors who have contributed the most significant concepts to the construction of that theory. From a philosophical perspective, he unravels the assumptions rooted at the heart of such concepts and tests them, both within his own discursive logic and in relation to his reference systems and the paths adopted by digital photography today. Concha Lagos’ determination to rethink photography from its material, cultural, aesthetic, and philosophical properties is stimulating even if, in order to do so, she is ready to deny her own object of study. And without a doubt, it demonstrates a rather fierce attitude for an author who considers himself a photographer, and who in his analytical horizon comes up against the recurring need to apprehend and characterize the (im) possibility of a photograph…” (Rodrigo Alonso)

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