El robo del año

Title: El robo del año.
Publisher: Alias.
Author: Ulises Carrión.
Language: Spanish.
Size: 14 x 21 cm.
Pages: 128.
Binding: Softcover.
Printing: two-ink.
ISBN: 978-607-7985-16-7.


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Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) Writer and poet. He ventured into the visual arts through various means in order to develop an active form of work within the cultural sphere of the international avant-garde of the sixties, seventies and eighties. He was part of the group In-Out Center (Amsterdam, 1972-1975); he edited Tras la poesía y Arguments (Beau Geste Press, Devon); and founded Other Books and So (Amsterdam, 1975), a place for collecting productions by artists not yet classified within the formal art milieu, which, due to its characteristics, was the first of its kind as an alternative space. This bilingual edition was published in collaboration with M. H. The installation Theft of the Year by Ulysses Carrion was exhibited at the Drents Museum in Assens, the Netherlands in 1982. The work had a place in the provincial museum, although it differed from the type of art that was usually shown. It must have been disconcerting to be invited to observe an unprotected diamond in almost total darkness. The enigmatic character of the piece was recorded by Claudio Goulart’s lens. This publication shows the images captured on that occasion and induces readers to witness an open case. With texts by Paulo Silveira, Martha Hellion and Damián Ortega.

“On the table a revolving disc. On the disc a velvet cushion. On the cushion a real diamond. People can look at it and take it in their hands or steal it.” -UC.

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