Entre el objeto y la imagen

Title: Entre el objeto y la imagen.
Publisher: Alias.
Author: Lewis Biggs.
Language: Spanish.
Size:14 x 21 cm.
Pages: 244.
Binding: Softcover.
Printing: One ink.
ISBN: 978-607-7985-21-1.


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Alias recovers the official catalog edited for this great art exhibition, which was produced by the Spanish Ministry of Culture through the Reina Sofia Museum in collaboration with the British Council. An inventory that traces a journey through the processes, experiences, and practices of the participating artists through interviews, texts, poems, and comments accompanied by detailed images of the works that defined the identity of British art towards the new millennium. This book helps to reinforce the theory that understands this formal movement as one of the most prominent in the post-war period, whose reverberations can still be felt in the different generations of artists that inhabit the island to this day. The importance of certain structural considerations become unanimous in the works of these artists; the manipulation of space instead of the closing of forms; the relationship of objects to a whole; the function and interaction of materials; the abstinence of rhetoric, the grandiloquent gesture, and the intimacy of detail.

“Several of the most important British artists of the 1960s and 1970s who were able to break away from reductionist or formalist aestheticism by introducing a radical subjectivity into their works, making life take the place of art” – LB.


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