Zeitgesit. Variations & Repetitions + Erratum

Author: VV.AA.
Publisher: Save As… Publications
Date: May 2010 + May 2013
Language: Spanish / English
Format: 29 x 41 cm + 20.5 x 29 cm
Pages: 64 pages. + ; 88 pages
ISBN: 978–84–936956–7–5 + 978–84–938430–7–6


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In May of 2010 we published Zeitgeist. Variations & Repetitions, an edition of 4.000 rotary press printed copies, that worked as a personal statement because of its almanac character. A collection of artworks and essays we feel admiration for and which have an influence to most of the ones who work today. Inevitably, the ideas of ‘appropriation’ and ‘appropriation as a resource’ are very present. Not only due to the affinity we feel with it, also due to the nature of publishing itself: ‘to reproduce’ or ‘to quote’.


As time passed the necessity of rereading this first compendium appeared and it is from that necessity Erratum emerges. We have recovered 400 of said papers and have inserted this new publication, which supposes the correction and enhancement of some of the blunders that we detected as time passed. A publication that we understand as a footnote added as a comment. This publication is also our last editorial proposal and it somehow brings closure to the project we begun six years ago. Nevertheless, we understand that an editorial project always has the idea of applied growth implicit and from the moment that a book is printed, it never stops growing. The only way to avoid its extinction is to favour its development and re- activating it.


The contents of both publications respond to the wish of sharing believes and concerns with its authors. They are statements that we have borrowed to define ourselves because they are akin to our way of understanding artistic practise and because they display many of those attitudes that motivated us to develop Save As…Publications. And with this publication we would like to humbly contribute, within our possibilities, to the continued growth of all of those proposals, collaborate to avoid their extinction: talk about them.

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