Compendio colectivo sobre cáncer - Josune Urrutia

Title: Compendio colectivo sobre cáncer – Josune Urrutia.
Cordinated by: Josune Urrutia.
Published by: La Panera.
Pages: 132.
Published in 2018.
ISBN: 978-84-09-18194-0.


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This book puts an end to the process I began in 2018 when I was invited to participate as an artist in Radiació+++, a project led by La Panera Art Centre in Lleida and supported by the Carasso Foundation. Based on “Brief illustrated encyclopaedic dictionary of MY cancer”, we invited the hospital community -patients, family, friends, doctors and health personnel- to participate in sharing experiences and knowledge about cancer with the idea of creating a collective compendium that would visibilise aspects derived from the disease and its treatment. The participatory workshops were held in the waiting room of the hospital and in La Panera Art Centre, in which 92 people participated. The book contains 222 entries and 323 definitions. Of these, 154 correspond to the healthcare personnel of the Radiotherapy Oncology Service of the H.U. Arnau de Vilanova, 100 to the patients, 63 to relatives and 17 to other people.

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