Murió de un infarto de un ataque al corazón.

Title: Murió de un infarto de un ataque al corazón.
Author: Marina Rodríguez.
Design: Katherina Hetzeneder.
Photography: Arnau Bach.
Format: Softcover.
Pages: 120.
ISBN: 978-84-09-23831-6.


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Murió de un infarto al corazón is a book that approaches visual poetry, an index of new stylistic resources, a vindication of language as something sculptural, not mathematical. It is the result of extracting texts from dozens of interviews with people who, as a result of brain damage, suffer from a language disorder (aphasia). The texts, unmodified, show the innate capacity for language to mutate again and generate new features far removed from normative speech.
The book, presented as an object, is closed with glue, thus emulating a closed box. With two spines. Opening it with force recreates the crack of a cerebral impact, allowing access to its interior to discover a new form of communication that seems disfigured.
Each page recreates a particular visual poem with graphic elements that point out these new stylistic resources, rhythms and intonations: new “aprosodies”, “agrammatisms”, neologisms, repetitive omission of prepositions, derivational morphemes and adverbs or new semantic paraphrases. A final index reveals to the reader the meaning of each of the graphic elements that indicate the features of this new language. An epilogue explains each type of aphasia suffered by the people interviewed.
The book includes photographs of the hand gestures of people suffering from this type of disorder, who use mimicry to complete their speech, especially when trying to communicate numbers.

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