The (Invisible) Art of Documenting Art

Title: The (Invisible) Art of Documenting Art
Author: Cristina Garrido
Language: Spanish/English
Format: 225 x 305 mm
Graphic Design: Setanta
ISBN: 978-84-945161-7-7


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We are screen viewers. Virtual consumers of contemporary art. We visit museums, galleries, biennials and fairs without having to travel, thanks to professionals who portray pieces, exhibitions, installations, performances, even sound art. Their gaze translates into images that synthesize and transform the artistic fact and that open the doors to curiosity.

Who are these photographers, what process do they follow to create their images, how do they manage to distinguish themselves in a realm of platforms of compulsive digestion of photographs, why in the art system, always concerned about authorship, they go so unnoticed that a magnifying glass is needed to find their signature in the credits.

Artist Cristina Garrido has talked to eight of them (Roberto Ruiz, Peter Cox, Moritz Bernoully, Carlos Diaz Corona, PJ Rountree, Erika Barahona Ede, Ela Bialkowska and Andrea Rossetti). This is the story -or at least one of the stories- of the B-side of art: the (invisible) figure of the photographer who documents contemporary art.

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