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Poster created by Àlex Gifreu and Cecilia Martín on the occasion of the ArtsLibris Fair 2019.


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Books Never Die – Àlex Gifreu and Cecilia Martín.
“It’s a forceful truth. An image-manifesto that believes in the power of the book to transmit ideas, concepts or experiences that will last over time. A photograph of a table taken in an office in Oslo together with the phrase Books never die, which follows the typographical postulates of the cut-out technique used by Raoul Hausmann, the Situationists, the anonymous letters sent by post to demand something, or some pamphlets from May ’68, will make up the back of the manifesto.
Books never die celebrates the durability of the book, its permanence, its other utilities and precisely because of that, its physicality. A book is more than words printed on paper; it is the material form of an idea, of a thought that can be passed on from hand to hand, from year to year, from place to place. The book as an expression of resistance. Àlex Gifreu and Cecilia Martín.
This poster is the first element of the Books Never Die series, which will be applied to different surfaces book, poster, bag, billboard, T-shirt, postcard…– and will evolve, mutating over the years Books Never Lie, Books Never Breathe, Books Never Kill…– to end up forming a manifesto.


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