Books never lockdown - Poster

Poster created by Àlex Gifreu and Cecilia Martín on the occasion of the ArtsLibris 2020 Fair.
This poster is the second in the series ‘Books Never…’ created by Àlex Gifreu and Cecilia Martín, which will evolve and mutate over the years -Books Never Lie, Books Never Breathe, Books Never Kill…- to end up composing a manifesto.


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Books have the ability to spread and distribute ideas rhizomatically among bodies, which turns them into expanded bodies themselves, impossible to close, impossible to locate. This potential lies in the book’s viral condition, which allows it to live in countless hosts across different generations and different places. Books are materialized ideas and as Ursula K. says Le Guin: “The idea by its very nature needs to be communicated: written, explained, realized. Like grass, the idea seeks light, appreciates crowds, mixtures enrich it, it grows more vigorous when stepped on”.


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