Escritos de Sol LeWitt (Writings of Sol LeWitt)

Title: Escritos (Writings)
Editorial: Alias.
Author: Sol LeWitt.
Language: Spanish.
Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 cm.
Number of pages: 156.
Binding: Paperback.
Printing: One ink.
ISBN: 978-607-7985-26-6.


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Sol LeWitt has a privileged place in history as an artist who also served as a theorist of conceptual art. He believed in the artist as a generator of ideas. He was a pragmatic intellectual who added a new dimension to the role of the artist, marking a stage of transition from modernism to contemporary art, far from abstract expressionism or any kind of romanticism. For LeWitt, the work of art is the idea itself and how it can be considered a work and a piece per se, emphasizing the process or the project over the construction of the work. “An artist must be willing to conceive a work of art and delegate its production to others or perhaps, at another extreme, not even have to do it. LeWitt’s work wanders between drawing, photography and sculpture, as well as the production of ephemeral murals and editorial projects.
This book presents his own writings, letters, statements, interviews, diagrams and schemes, which show us a structured and systematic thinking, a kind of formal mathematics. LeWitt was a fundamental artist for his generation and remains largely indispensable to understanding the present.

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