La mort i la mort d'en Quincas Bram d'Aigua

Title: La mort i la mort d’en Quincas Bram d’Aigua.
Publisher: Lapislàtzuli editorial.
Author: Jorge Amado.
Pages: 80.
Size: 14 x 21 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-939080-5-8.
City of publication: Barcelona.
Year of publication: 2012.


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Jorge Amado is his characters, he is all the emotions and passions that inundate them, he is the alleyways obacs and the open beaches, the ramp of the sailboats and the market; Jorge Amado is in the mouths that suck the bottles of cane, the improvised game of the fair of Água de Meninos and the escalfor of the taverns and the brothels; Jorge Amado is the immense Bahian moon, he is the boat moored to the white sand and the aiguardentós palate that tastes the nightly peixada often prepared by the old sailors.

La mort i la mort d’en Quincas Bram d’Aigua, considered by Vinicius de Moraes to be the best short novel in Brazilian literature, speaks to us of the inexorable destiny of people, of the ties and chains that every free individual, or one who aspires to a certain degree of freedom, has to break in order to undertake his or her life’s odyssey.


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