Ritter Sweet Soft

Title: Bitter Sweet Soft
Author: Bernat Millet
Publisher: Self-published
Size: 20 x 30 cm
Nº pages: 144
Texts: Jorge Molinero
ISBN: 978-84-120387-0-5


Availability: In stock

Millet focuses his gaze on everyday life, in a tale of the intimate, where a strong sense of togetherness emerges based on the pillar of the family, which sustains a countryside whose inhabitants live their lives in a waiting time. In this way, the Sahrawi people reinforce their identity, forging, day by day, through their values, a sense of belonging, trying to blur the scars that furrow their souls, giving way to a crack through which a small light breaks through. What happens to the perception of time in a place where the future is uncertain and the only thing that makes them stand up and keep fighting is the hope of liberation?

In this inhospitable place, a real and metaphorical desert, games and laughter sprout in a seemingly barren land, where sprouts are hidden and waiting to emerge. Its inhabitants rise up to rebel against the condemnation of oblivion, against the unlived days, against the barren time, against desolation. They cry out, in a harsh voice, that there is still strength left to fight on.

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