Title: Petricor
Author: Joaquín Bas Ros
Publisher: Self-published
Size: 18 x 27 cm
Nº pages: 84
Binding: Hardcover stitched
ISBN: 978-84-938591-2-1


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Petricor contains a selection of the most visually interesting photographs taken of uninhabited villages or what is left of their former dwellings, as well as those where a few survivors of oblivion still live today. Of these places and their heroes of resistance to abandonment, the photographs aim to reflect their everyday life in resignation or hope. Petricor‘s photographs are intended to bear witness to the neglect of the needs of the most defenceless and historically worst-treated rural life.

The 65 photographs in colour, beautify the erroneously called emptied Spain, some of its corners, where time has not yet taken away the memory of the life that existed in them, and its forgotten protagonists, who know that their death will also take away their simple and lonely villages. The 65 photographs were taken by Joaquin during the pilgrimage that he and his wife Teresa made for three years, accompanied by their devoted and faithful “Pilgrim”.

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