Pagode russo - Iatã Cannabrava

Title: Pagode russo.
Publisher: Editora Madalena.
Author: Iatã Cannabrava.
City of publication: São Paulo.
Year of publication: 2014.
Format: 24 x 16cm.
ISBN: 9788565709071.


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Iatã Cannabrava travelled to Russia in 1985 to participate in the World Festival of Youth and Students for World Peace. He witnessed the beginning of the end of the Cold War and the dismantling of the Iron Curtain. The result of this trip, his first photo session, can now be seen in the book Pagode russo. The 47 photographs, now collected, are a colourful tour of the city of Moscow. Far from being a historical book, Pagode russo blurs the lines between the past, present or future in frozen images. Produced almost 30 years ago, the essay presents the style that still characterises the photographer’s work: a look at urban scenes, common themes, simple people, where the ordinary is more important and the banal is worth more than the special.

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