Donald McRonald

Title: Donald McRonald.
Publisher: Alias.
Author: Minerva Cuevas.
Language: Spanish.
Size: 14 x 21 cm.
Pages: 72.
Binding: Softcover.
Printing: Four-ink.
ISBN: 978-607-7985-07-5.


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Minerva Cuevas is a Mexican artist whose work is characterized by an active social commitment and constant questioning of the existing economic system. Her work explores the potential of alternative informal systems that encourage participation. She uses electronic media in her installations, videos, and photographs, as well as self-management strategies, actions, and interventions in public spaces, for critical reflection on social issues. Donald McRonald revolves around the performance with the same name in which a character disguised as a clown stands in front of the premises of the best-known hamburger chain and invites passers-by to enter and consume the products while revealing information about the quality of the food, the working conditions and the way in which one of the largest corporations in the fast-food industry operates. A book is an approach to this action, carried out in three different countries, from the artist’s direct viewpoint based on the research and material gathered for its realization.

“Let’s not swallow the omnipresence of big corporations, most likely it is not the abundance of information or evidence that incriminates the fast food industry that finally counters their presence and voracity. Perhaps only the antithesis can be freed from the ace by a strong and dignified local culture as well. -MC

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