Almost There - Aleix Plademunt

Title: Almost there.
Publisher: Ca L’Isidret.
Author: Aleix Plademunt.
Co-published with Mack.
Pages: 116 including 2 drop-down.
Size: 19,8 cm x 25,5 cm.
Edition of 2000 copies.
Design: Aleix Plademunt & Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine
Printed in Germany.
Published: September 2013.
ISBN 978-1-907946-54-7.


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Almost There presents a complex constellation of images exploring what is near and what is far away. Ultimately it communicates the frustration of never being close enough or far enough, only almost there. Almost There photographs photography. Photography as an imaginary return journey and, at the same time, as a reflection of that “yonder” place from which we can never return, which we can never look at again in the same way. Almost There proposes, in short, a kind of wandering through the genres and languages with which we try to understand the world through images, but also through how photography conditions our visions, as well as the intrinsic mystery of each place: to be, to arrive, to see it from afar or to observe it very closely.

Marta Dahó.

“When the overall vision of the world is enlarged, not only does the pain it causes diminish, but also the meaning. Understanding the world is equivalent to placing oneself at a certain distance from it. What is too small to see with the naked eye, such as molecules, we magnify; what is too large, such as cloud systems, river deltas, constellations, we reduce. When we have it within reach of our senses, we fix it. That which is fixed we call knowledge. Throughout our childhood and youth we strive to establish the right distance from things and phenomena. We read, we learn, we experiment, we correct. And one day we reach a world in which all the necessary distances have been fixed, and all the systems established. It is then that time begins to run faster”.

Karl Ove Knausgaård, “A death in the family”.

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