Cinco Infografias

Author: Mariona Moncunill
Publisher: Save As… Publications
Date: December 2012
Language: Spanish / English
Format: 15 x 42 cm, 30 x 42 cm, 45 x 42 cm, 15 x 42 cm, 45 x 21 cm and 60 x 21 cm
ISBN: 978–84–938430–6–9


Availability: In stock

This publication explains four urban legends and a news published in several Spanish newspapers. The unification of the appearance of the five stories through journalistic infographics seeks to confuse two types of story with a very similar influence and social functions, despite the fact that they are often presented as antagonistic.

The illusion of credibility and plausibility in the media is applied here equally to rumors that look like news and news that look like rumours. It is, lastly, a small contribution to disinformation.

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