Pequeñas máquinas de consciencia

Title: Pequeñas máquinas de consciencia. La obra Sylvia Palacios Whitman.
Publisher: Metales Pesados.
Author: Jennifer McColl.
Year of publication: 2020.
Pages: 140.
ISBN: 9789566048312.


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This book proposes an aesthetic, historical and subjective reflection on the performative and visual work of Sylvia Palacios Whitman, addressing the elusive and phantasmatic quality of her operations and apparatuses put on stage. It is on the basis of documents, archives and records that a view of her artistic work is generated, always conscious of the “fear that the images of the body will escape the body”. Thus, this book seeks to give an account of her works, inhabiting a space between doubt and historicist research, highlighting the work of a Chilean artist who has developed most of her work from the New York of the seventies, generating a fluctuating and contingent gaze on the most radical gestures within a context of change and avant-garde.

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