Marcel Giró, photographer

Title: Marcel Giró, photographer.
Publisher: multistudioBOOKS.
Texts: JR Duran, Marcel Giró, Eiti Kato, Toni Ricart and Marcio Scavone.
Language: Catalan and portuguese.
Edition: 2014. Sant Cugat.
Format: 22×22 cm.
Pages: 80.
ISBN: 978-84-942372-0-1.


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“Giró’s work is not completely free of documentary responsibility, forged in the experiences of the interwar period, even when they were absorbed by the forms, geometries and other experiments of the Escuela Paulista – as the movement emerged from the Photo Cinema Clube Bandeirante- his photographs let us escape the concern of this generation of photographers to document the transformations of cities, industrialization and modernity, as the FCCB participants did, like Paulo Pires, José Yalenti, Ademar Manarini, German Lorca, Eduardo Salvatore, Gaspar Gasparian and others: the growing metropolis are the main focus of their work, with a surprising formal unity, even in the harshest shadows, in the coldest geometry, the least rhythmic contrasts, there is always a delicacy that permeates his photos… ” Iatã Cannabrava.
Edition in Catalan and Portuguese.


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