Fisura - Nicolás Wormull

Title: Fisura.
Publisher: Muga.
Author: Nicolás Wormull.
Year of publication: 2019.
Pages: 28.
Size: 14 × 21 cm.
Limited edition of 80 numbered copies.
ISSN 2530-0768.
D.L. BI-645-2019.


Availability: In stock

Nicolás Wormull’s work is domestic, daring, ironic and endearing. The exploration of intimacy is his metaphor and his abyss.

“It is through his photography that we perceive in Nicolás Wormull an author who works in an intuitive way, because in that impulse he seems to find the meaning of his work, which grants him a particular attentiveness to the spontaneity of the moment lived, wishing to get closer to the intimate situations of his daily life, from which his gaze and his photographic work emerge. Wormull’s engagement stems from the fact that everything he photographs concerns him in one way or another”. Ros Boisier.

Fisura by Nicolás Wormull (Chile, 1977) is number 32 in the Pewen Photography Notebooks collections.


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