Evolución(no) - Emilio Fuentes Traverso

Title: Evolución(no).
Publisher: Muga.
Author: Emilio Fuentes Traverso.
Year of publication: 2019.
Pages: 28.
Size: 14 × 21 cm.
Limited edition of 80 numbered copies.
ISSN 2530-0768.
D.L. BI-914-2019.


Puedes reservarlo en info@artslibris.cat

Natural landscapes of Chile and Mexico intervened with magazine papers and torn images.

“If my body is a cold autumn desert in the hands of this planet I die and I go away I die and I go away my heart a thorn that kills that changes that breaks I look at myself and I go away and I am not the same this body that mutates and dies you live the lights of the rising sun peep out between ribs and iron and I am not the same evolution not of this fractured earth sound is not I am not resistant organism of the change and your hand I am not the one of before and the most tender colors rocks that grow on my chest cry to me”. Fragment of Evolución(no), by Alexis Baros López.

Evolución(no) by Emilio Fuentes Traverso (Chile, 1983) is the 34th issue of Pewen Photography Notebooks collections.

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