Title: Camarón
Author: Clemente Bernad
Publisher: Ojos de Buey / JANUS
First edition: 2021
Nº of pages: 52
Dimensions: 16 x 21,3 cm
ISBN: 978-84-120918-2-3


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Ojos de Buey is an archive dedicated to documentary photography produced in Spain over the last fifty years; a series of periodical publications, each focusing on a particular work by a photographer. From this collection, the archive aims to highlight the intrahistory, culture and counterculture of the country and to disseminate the work of authors who have portrayed its diverse social realities, offering testimonies of the everyday as well as the exceptional.

This first volume gathers unpublished images of Camarón de la Isla’s funeral. José Monje Cruz died in Badalona on July 2, 1992. The cantaor’s body was transferred the following day to La Isla, his hometown. Considered the greatest myth of flamenco, thousands of people attended his funeral under a scorching sun where authentic moments of agitation were experienced. In the midst of that collective madness was Clemente Bernad, camera in hand. The photographer offers us, published for the first time after almost 30 years, his testimony of those tragic days.


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