Outer Horizons No.1

Title: Outer Horizons No.1
Authors: VV.AA
Publisher: Outer Horizons
Nº of pages: 96
Size: 33 x 24 cm
Format: Softcover, B&W
Language: English, Spanish & Catalan


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The Galeria d’Art Horizon is supporting this publication with the collaboration of a wide range of profesional in the cultural world, national as well as international. The article, from wide ranging sources, will be edited in the form of text and images always with the common denominador of contribution to the contemporary cultural debate. We propose annual publication with articles in three languages, the original language of the text, a translation into English, as well as Spanish and/or Catalan. Their intention is to have an intercontinental distribution that would be available in other countries as well as Europe. With the aim of having a presence in different types of cultural organizations such as foundations, museums, libraries, university departments of art and translation etc.

Our first edition of “Outer Horizons”, Arts and Philosophy was very well received on a national as well as international level. We are currently distributing the most recent edition of “Outer Horizons” which focuses on “The Urban Era”. We believe that Outer Horizons will fill a unique niche in the literature of art commentary, critique and philosophy.

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