Roca Negra Nº02

Editorial: Contrafotografía
Texto de presentación de la serie fotográfica: David Garcerán.
Diseño: Marta Hernández.
Tipografía (ABC Helveesti Spikes) ha sido cedida por el estudio Dinamo.


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Making a space for the dissemination of ideas available to everyone is complicated. Themes, formats, communication channels and styles are intertwined. Roca Negra publishes this second issue with the hope of bringing positions closer and presenting different ways of looking or talking. We return to not having production times, where error is welcome as a sign of learning, where we are still interested in any written or graphic form that stimulates, agitates and even disturbs. The photography is in charge of Felipe Romero Beltrán, who exhibits his impressive series “Reducción” with which we discover the Manual de Defensa Policial (Police Defense Manual). Around his photographs the following texts are presented:

“The enemies of boxing: fascism, democracy and press against the art of fists”, Frutos Salas.
“Lick the ground clean, fall in love with the trash”, Mary Ritchie.
“The image that waits”, Meritxell Ahicart Centelles.
“Radio days in Beijing”, Andrea Jarales.
“Towards a common language” by Andrea Mena.
“On the archive and the ephemeral. When history questions us” by Mikel Iniesta.

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