Cibercracia - Ignasi Prat

Title: Cibercracia.
Author: Ignasi Prat.
City of publication: Granollers.
Year of publication: 2019.
ISBN: 978-84-120353-2-2.
Size: 21×29,7x4cm.


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Social media have become the largest communities on the planet. This phenomenon of audience concentration has not only aroused the interest of politicians, but their very engagament with them has become indispensable. Historically, the “art” of representation and the means of its diffusion have always been restrained in favor of power, just as its conventions have established the canons of representation. Currently, in the context of the Internet and social networks in Spain, there is a double historical anomaly: politicians join the media once it has been occupied by the popular classes and, moreover, they do so influenced by the forms of representation popularized by the citizens.
Adopting the format of a sticker album and structured in series, Cibercracia is presented as a casual catalog of visual identities of the main Spanish politicians, built from photographs taken from their Instagram profiles. In contrast to the regime of the ephemeral image of the social network, this book offers us a space of suspension, which invites us to reflect on how postmodern photography is influencing the character of the political image.
A proposal by Ignasi Prat with a prologue by Joan Fontcuberta and final text by Jorge Luis Marzo. Design by Eudald Van Der Pla.

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