Maruja Mallo - Homenaje a Revista Occidente

Dossier ‘Homenaje a la Revista de Occidente’.
1 collage and 6 stone lithographs by Maruja Mallo.
Texts by Soledad Ortega and Maruja Mallo.
Each lithograph is numbered and signed.
Size: 70 x 50 cm.
Edition of 200 copies.
Year of publication: 1979.
*Separate lithographs: 1.400 € + VAT (21%) c/u


Availability: In stock

Maruja Mallo’s oeuvre opens a dialogue between text and image where surrealism takes the lead voice. The Galician painter was one of the main artists of the generation of ’27 in Spain and was a member of the “sin sombrero” women’s collective, vindicating in her work the freedom and equality between genders. RocioSantaCruz gallery, in collaboration with ArtsLibris, offers original copies of her work Homenaje a Revista Occidente, a large-scale lithographic book combining image and text that Mallo produced in 1979 to commemorate the publication of José Ortega y Gasset. The complete dossier contains 6 lithographs, all numbered and signed, as well as texts among which one finds words of praise for Mallo’s work from authors such as Federico García Lorca, Antonio Machado or André Breton.
*The lithographs can also be purchased separately.

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