Las infinitas especies

Author: Manuel Segade
Publisher: Save As… Publications
Date: May 2013
Language: Spanish / English
Format: 20 x 27 cm
Pages: 36 pages.
ISBN: 978–84938430–8–3


Availability: In stock

The publication is a text-visual essay that poses a genealogical critique of the principles that govern exhibition displays today —what we know as an exhibition complex— starting from the very moment of its invention: the modern and pedagogical discourse with which the natural order was made public of the world in the natural science museums and in the anatomical museums of the 19th century.

Conceived with a permanent negotiation scheme, the book, more than a final text, will appear in successive installments that will change depending on the responses it generates, the first is this prelude. For years the author has been investigating the relationships between the expository language of the 19th century and the socio-historical representations it conveys.

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