Lo visible y lo invisible en la imagen fotográfica

Title: Lo visible y lo invisible en la imagen fotográfica
Author: Nelly Schnaith
Publisher: La Oficina
Nº pages: 208
Format: 117 x 168 mm
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 978-84-938886-0-2
90 photographs in b/n VVAA



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The camera has changed our relationship to the world, whose understanding or disfigurement is now inevitably mediated by its images. This peculiar “reality of the image” must inevitably be included in the “image of reality”. Under the titles of these essays we should not seek answers, but open questions: What does it mean to see and to make an image be seen? Under what conditions is it possible to speak of a photographic truth in this age that takes the mystifications of the camera for granted? To what extent is a photograph “realistic”? What are the secret complexities of the art of portraiture and self-portraiture? What is the relationship between photography and Eros and Thanatos? All of these questions precipitate some of the invisibles that are present in the very vision of the images.

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