Com van néixer les estrelles

Title: Com van néixer les estrelles
Publisher: Lapislàtzuli editorial.
Author: Clarice Lispector.
Ilustrations: Cesc Pujol.
Pages: 86.
Format: 14 x 21 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-949751-8-9.


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The twelve months of the year become twelve beautiful and magical stories in “Com van néixer les estrelles”. Twelve legends of the Brazilian jungle in the midst of a humid and matriarchal nature, plastered with the overflowing imagination of its author.
Someone once said that what Clarice Lispector does is not literature, it is witchcraft, because her enchanting prose grabs you from the first line. She is the great Brazilian writer of the 20th century, already a universal literary myth.
I am so mysterious that I don’t understand myself. – Clarice Lispector


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