Idilio - Gonzalo Elvira (Idyll - Gonzalo Elvira)

Title: Idilio.
Artist: Gonzalo Elvira.
Editorial: Cerilla Ediciones.
Collaboration RocioSantaCruz Gallery and Botín Foundation.
Texts: Zaida Trallero, José Luis Corazón Ardura, Paula Bertúa and Susana Bañuelos.
Photographs: Dani Rovira and Equip Gasull.
Graphic design: Pedro Hugo Carmo.
English translation: Mariana Viotti.
Pages: 54.
Published: 2020.
Format: 28 x 21cm.
ISBN 978-89-09-17488-1.


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This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition ”Idilio” of Gonzalo Elvira in the RocioSantaCruz Gallery from December 12, 2019 to February 8, 2020.

While the Bauhaus was ahead of its time in applying a revolutionary and experimental form of teaching by considering women as equals, as is stated in one of its publicity leaflets Are you seeking true equality as a woman student?, documents and personal stories show that it wasn’t like that. Projects by Gonzalo Elvira (Patagonia, Argentina, 1971) point in that direction. In Bauhaus, 1919. Modelo para Armar (started in 2011) the artist draws designs from women in the Bauhaus, as a way of laying claim to those productions. The three-dimensional pieces that Elvira includes in that series allude directly to one of the arguments given by the teachers to those women who aspired to work in the school’s architecture or carpentry workshops and were directed to the ceramics or textile workshops, the lack of three-dimensionalism.

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