Stories. Almudena Lobera

Publisher: Caniche Editorial (2022)
Language: Spanish and English (Bilingual edition)
Editorial design: Elsa Paricio
Pages: 178 pages
Size: 170 x 240 mm.
Printing: Color on three types of paper. Printed in Spain © 2022
Binding: Paperback soft cover.
ISBN: 978-84-123224-6-0


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Stories is an exhibition within an exhibition. It proposes another way of visiting an art exhibition by modifying the logic of the location of the work, the space and the spectator. Within a museographic structure, a series of sculptures moves on a moving tape in front of the visitors who, stopped in front of windows, can record what they see without moving from their position.

The pieces, proposed for a linear reading, are autonomous works that connect traditional genres and techniques with digital treatments of the image, at the same time that they dialogue with the display in which they are exhibited.

With this book, artist Almudena Lobera completes her exhibition project Stories, which took place at Espacio CDMX (Mexico City, 2020). With texts by Agustín Fernández Mallo, Fernando Castro Flórez, Isabel Abascal, Tiago de Abreu Pinto, Alfredo Aracil, Alicia Grueso, Ana, Himes, Emma Brasó, Cristina Garrido, Abel Hernández, LANZA Atelier, Luis Francisco Pérez, María Regina Pérez Castillo, Yann Leto, Dalia de la Rosa, Nacho Ruiz, Nicola Mariani, Amanda Núñez, Cinta Tabuenca and Chus Tudelilla.

+ info: Caniche Editorial

[The Stories project was realized with a Leonardo Grant 2018
for Researchers and Cultural Creators from the BBVA Foundation]

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