This is the fifth consecutive year that ArtsLibris is part of one of the most important Contemporary Art fairs in the world as the organizer of the section dedicated to the artist’s book and the photobook.

This year, ArtsLibris has already positioned itself within ARCO as part of its general corpus and not as a parallel activity. This has given it greater visibility that is fully transferred to the professionals who participate and integrate it.

This edition of ArtsLibris ARCOmadrid 2020 has been a great success, with a greater participation of national and international exhibitors and a large influx of public.

This year we have managed to further diversify the proposal of our editors and the attending public, thus contributing to generating a broader and more democratic access to contemporary art.

With more than forty exhibitors (with an outstanding international representation), the series of conferences Sublevar las forma and an extensive program in the already known Speakers ’Corner, ArtsLibris has closed its participation to ARCOmadrid with a very positive balance.

The attendance of the public, counted in about 90,000 attendees, had a professional profile, characterized by a dynamism in sales that was combined with a fluid attendance of COLLECTORS, students, the general public and other lovers of artist publications.

In the Speakers’ Corner, a space for dialogue between the fair’s public and the exhibitors, publications such as Dalpine’s Ultimate Limit State Form and Concreta magazine were presented, as well as dialogues on the relationship between technologies and inventions. that artists use to create their publications was one of the fair’s strong points.

On the other hand, this has been the first year that ArtsLibris participates in the programming of the ARCOmadrid Professional Forum, with the coordination of Andrea Soto Calderón, doctor of philosophy specialized in aesthetics and art theory.

This space has allowed us to open a new strand of research in which we have been able to broaden and above all deepen issues related to contemporary art and its relationship with other areas such as politics, the economy and society. For which, we have had the pleasure of having duos of the level of Nuria Enguita and Pedro G. Romero, Emmanuel Alloa and Max de Esteban or Cristina Lucas and Itziar Okariz.

Exhibitors 2020

20th Century Art Archives, (Cambridge)

42 Líneas – Escuela de Arte de Oviedo (Oviedo)

55SP (São Paulo)

Alias Editorial (Ciudad de México)

AMENGUAL&Co (Calvià-Mallorca) 

Arquitectura y Fantasía (Buenos Aires)

ArtsLibris (Barcelona)

Bon-Gah (Teherán)

Ca l’Isidret Edicions (Sant Martí Sarroca – Barcelona)

Camen Alonso Libros (Santander)

Casa de Velázquez (Madrid)

Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana (València)

CENDEAC (Murcia)

consonni (Bilbao)

Dalpine (Madrid)

Danilo Montanari Editore (Ravenna)


Mauro Giaconi, Dorothée Dupuis,  Marta Ramos Izquierdo and Ana Gallardo
Lead Season
The first extensive monographic catalogue will be presented by the Argentinian artist Maura Giaconi. This catalog is included in the new collection of Temblores Publicaiones monographic, the editorial label of Terremoto Magazine, produced with the support of Arróniz Gallery. The goal of the bilingual series (spanish-english) is to visualize mid-career Latin American artists, as well as providing critical tools about their own art through the work with leading authors from the art world who are part of the Terremoto network.

Presentation of the magazine Concreta #14. Autumn
Participation: Pedro G. Romero, artist and Laura Vallés, editor

Presentation of the publication number 14 of the Concreta Magazine. The number poses an intertwining of rrom, gypsies and flamencos in order to define the field as a real and sensitive construction, full of trompe l’oil, traps, and snares.

Photobooks: the art of photography put on the page
Participation: Toni Amengual, Paula Artés and Lucía Peluffo, photographers

Presentation of the selection of photobooks from the Amengual&Co stand, and why books are artworks itselves and the requirements a photobook must have to be one, and to be a work of art in itself.

La forma del Estado Límite Último
Participation: Miriam Fernández Lara, author and Jaime Narváez, designer

La forma del Estado Límite Último is a publication in which the drawing of shapes created from the laws of effort is superimposed on images of collapsed bridges. Thus, we can visualize the instant before the catastrophe. It is about gestures of rehabilitation of those bridges, more ideal than physical, that allow us to look at failure in a different way.


Instantes Gráficos
The word in motion… the body in the present, the instant in action
Participation: Carla Rey, editor, Adriana Cora and Veronica Bonta, artists

Talk about the collection: Basta la palabra, which visualizes the power of the word as a gesture, the word as a mark of power and Abracadabra, a publication made up of sentences by each artist, which promote feminine strength, sisterhood and freedom.

20th Century Art Archives
Tauba Auerbach around Diagonal Press
Participation: Louisa Riley-Smith, editor

Considered one of the preeminent artist bookstores of her generation, Tauba Auerbach made several artist books with other publishers before she decided to make art in book form with her own label. 20th Century Art Archives will present these books and give an illustrated talk through the publications, explaining the inventive ways in which the artist has used different technologies for each book.

Karma Girls
Participation: Edu Forte photographer and Carla Cascales, model

Edu Forte proposes an exercise that forces the limits between the always ambiguous relationship between photographer and model, venturing to take the photos that others can only imagine, giving us clues about the keys that give us access to the karma of certain girls. 

Nuances of art in Latin America
Participation: Andrea Hinteregger De Mayo (art curator and author of the book), Stefan Benchoam, artist from Guatemala, who is part of Proyecto Ultravioleta collective and Santiago Fernández de Caleya, director of TURNER.

Is there such a thing as Latin American art? Is it necessary this tag in the world of globalized art? Andrea Hinteregger De Mayo and Stefan Benchoam will discuss around these questions and about the cultural bridges that are built by bringing together universal interests that drive artistic practice.

Meteoro Editions
Publications from the archive
Participation: Pablo Lerma, editor, Martínez Bellido, author, Jesús Alcaide, curator and Jon Snyder, scholar.

Ira Lombardy and Martinez Bellido publications are articulated around found images and/or vernacular photographic archives with special interest in the re-reading and categorization of the image from contemporary practice. 

Crítica visual del saber solitario
Participations: Aurora Fernández Polanco, author and Ana Longoni, researcher

The book Crítica visual del saber solitario (Visual criticism of the solitary knowledge)  claims both the aesthetics and the knowledge of a body increasingly damaged by the logics of capital. The markedly political intention of this essay invites us to decide what to save and what to condemn from the world that has guided our knowledge.

Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana
Presentation of publications of the programme Trajectòries 
Participations: José Luis Pérez Pont, director of the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana

The publications of the exhibitions dedicated to Xisco Mensua, 15.600 días, Teresa Cebrián, El largo viaje, Ana Teresa Ortega, Pasado y presente, la memória y su construcción and Fuencisla Francés, Punto de fuga will be presented.

Centro Párraga and CENDEAC
Book-catalogue launched by the artist Bene Bergado, edited for the exhibition “Persona”, curated by Manuel Oliveira en MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León and the Centro Párraga, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de la Región de Murcia. Participants: Bene Bergado, artist, curator of the exhibition and director, and Sergio Porlán, coordinador of Centro Párraga and CENDEAC.

Taller del Prado
Enigma Magazine
Presented by: Enrique González Flores and Francisco Molina Montero, editors

Enigma magazine is a publishing project that is somehow inspired by the French magazine Derrière le miroir, published along several decades by the Maeght Foundation, where a space is created to provide free rein to the artists’ creativity since 2014.

Instantes Graficos
Artista en acción by Juan Carlos Romero
Participations: Hugo F Romero, editor, Marcela Romer and Ana Longoni, researchers

Presentation of the book that gathers the works on paper belonging to the art-blogging collection, and that cover all the periods of this great Argentine conceptual artist Juan Carlos Romero.

Casa Velázquez and BonGah 
The Invisible Monument by Sara Kamalvand – A collaboration between Spain and Iran
Participations: Sara Kamalvand, artist and architect (Casa de Velázquez 2019-2020), Mahmoud Bakhshi and Sonia Berger, editors

The Invisible Monumento by Sara Kamalvand, shows the process of an anachronistic reading of Tehran using underground layers of an abandoned irrigation network to reveal its contemporary nature and needs. During her year of residence in Madrid, Sara Kamalvand is developing a project on Madrid’s underground channels, which still passively irrigate the city.

Raíña Lupa and Galería Rocio Santa Cruz
Guillotina by Lluís Hortalà
Participations: Pablo Juncadella, designer and co-founder of Mucho, Lluís Hortalà, artist and moderator, and Oriol Fontdevila, curator of the exhibition and author of the text of the catalogue

Talk about the catalogue of the artist Lluis Hortalà. As in his work, the presence of classical and modern binding techniques coexist in an attempt to better explain the pieces in a publishing environment.

Estudio Asia
Landscape Flashes. Relationship between the real and the unreal, through the landscape: a Chinese vision.
Participations: Ren Bo, author of the photobook Nomadic Sight, and Jose Reinoso, editor

In the presentation, the author will discuss the influence of traditional Chinese art forms, such as landscape with chinese ink and calligraphy, on contemporary photography. Ren Bo will try to explain how, as a Chinese artist, she uses photography and two of its main ingredients – time and space – to shed some light on this issue.

Louise Bourgeois and Feminist Ways of Creating by Gabriela Barzaghi De Laurentiis
Presenter: Patricia Mayayo, researcher

When it seemed difficult to tell something different about Bourgeois, Gabriela Barzaghi De Laurentiis surprises us with a book outside the established framework. As Bourgeois’ cats venture into an interpretative leap: in the face of a depoliticized gaze that closes the work off from possible meanings, confining it to the narrow hermeneutic framework of psychobiography, the author proposes a feminist and radically political approach to the artist.


Sublevar las formas (The Insurgence of Forms)
co-ordinated and chaired by Andrea Soto Calderón.
Curated by Andrea Soto Calderón, PhD in Philosophy, professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory

SESSION 1: Actos de edición
26 February, 18.30-19.30 hrs
Pedro G. Romero & Nuria Enguita // Publications actions

SESSION 2: Los lenguajes de la performance
27 February, 18.30-19.30 hrs
Joan Morey and Manuel Olveira Paz // The languages of performance

SESSION 3: Economías de lo visible
29 February, 18.30-19.30 hrs
Emmanuel Alloa and Max de Esteban // Economies of the visible

SESSION 4: Errancias del cuerpo
28 February, 18.30-19.30 hrs
Cristina Lucas and Itziar Okariz // Meanderings of the body

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