Un universo pequeño - Antonio M Xoubanova

Title: Un universo pequeño.
Publisher: Ca l’Isidret.
Author: Antonio M Xoubanova.
Co-published with Rondade.
Pages: 464.
250 colour images.
Size: 22,0 cm x 29,7 cm.
Edition: 800 copies.
Design: Eloi Gimeno.
Printed in Barcelona.
Published: October 2015.
ISBN 978-84-941484-4-6.


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In the book, the images represent a space according to their temporal duration; they are containers of time. An image taken at 1/40 sec. shutter speed is physically 10 times larger than one shot at 1/400 sec. The book is therefore an attempt to materialise something as minimal, abstract and complex as 2.5 seconds of existence, a tiny piece of matter or a small space.

If the universe is defined as the sum of the totality of matter, time and space, this book of “street photography” is an attempt to approach a controlled universe and the elements that contain it in order to talk about the human condition in the moment in which we live.

Antonio M Xoubanova, 2015

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