In this sixth edition of ARCOmadrid 2021, ArtsLibris presents forty-two exhibitors and a cultural programme. Topping the bill is a cycle of talks for the ARCO Professional Forum, coordinated and moderated by Andrea Soto Calderón, doctor in philosophy.

ArtsLibris thus acts as a nexus aiming to stimulate a dialogue around contemporary publishing and artists’ publications, understood in a broad sense and not only in editorial terms. The dialogue will provide a space where participants can exchange ideas regarding the practices common to artists’ publications in the configuration of a sensibility in artistic production and the context in which these are inscribed, and debate the directions they might take in the future.

The Speakers’ Corner will continue this year with its programme of talks and presentations, providing an ideal complement to the fair’s bibliographic offer and the perfect setting for visitors and exhibitors to meet and confer.


And the editions, (Viena) · Alias Editorial, (Ciudad de México) · Akal, (Madrid) Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art, (Barcelona) · Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana, (Valencia) · Caniche Editorial, (Madrid) · Casa de Velázquez, (Madrid) · CENDEAC, (Murcia) · Consonni, (Bilbao) · Dalpine, (Madrid) · eStudio Asia, (Madrid) · El Naufraguito, (Barcelona) · Espe Pons, (Barcelona) · Familia Editions (Madrid) · Galerie / Librairie Écho 119 (Paris) · Kunstkontor Basel GmbH, (Basel) · LibrosArte, (Madrid) · La Caja Negra, (Madrid) · La Mirada Creadora, (Madrid) · Malpaso y Cía, (Barcelona) · Mia Martí, (Barcelona) · MultiStudio Books, (Barcelona) · Muga, (Gijón) · María Primo Studio, (Madrid) · Metales Pesados (Madrid) · Ogami Press, (Madrid) · Per(r)ucho, (Valencia) · PezPlata Ediciones, (Madrid) · Pombo, (Murcia) · Raíña Lupa / RocíoSantaCruz, (Barcelona) · RV Cultura e Arte, (Salvador de Bahía) · Samopal Books, (Moscú) · TERREMOTO + Temblores, (Ciudad de México) · The Sea Urchins Contsiner, (Alicante) · Jan Tofjan, (Londres) · Unika Books, (Madrid) · Turner (Madrid / México) · TBA21 | Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, (Viena / Madrid) · Umbigo (Lisboa) · Urucum, (Lisboa) · Ximena Pérez Grobet, (Barcelona / Ciudad de México)


Publisher Galerie / Librairie Écho 119

Presenting: Sakiko Nomura: Ango
A collaboration between graphic designer Satoshi Machiguchi and photographer Sakiko Nomura, the latter’s striking, sensual photographs interact with a story written by Ango Sakaguchi in 1946 called “The War and a Woman”.

Publisher María Primo Studio

Presenting: El libro de Arena
Artist, filmmaker and editor Guillermo Paneque and Juanjo Justicia, from Underbau, will discuss the creative processes informing themes such as the absurdity of humankind’s struggle with nature, the revision of the concept of landscape and its representation, and the elaboration of the guiding thread mixing fiction and document. PHE has shortlisted El Libro de Arena for the award for best photography book 2021 in the self-published category.

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art
Mohamed Benhadj, founder and contemporary art curator, presenting:

Al-Tiba9 Limited Edition ISSUE08, 2021. The contemporary art magazine reflects modern society and its environment through the works of experimental contemporary artists. It features selected artists from around the world whose work embodies a spirit of innovation and inspiration for the future and provokes conversation and action.

180° Behind Me, Mounir Fatmi, 2019. Having experienced the consequences of a silencing culture, artist Mounir Fatmi is dedicated to exposing and deconstructing oppressive ideological and religious dogmas through his work and highlighting some of our most pressing political issues today.

The Kissing Precise, Mounir Fatmi, 2014. There is something analogous in the scientific and fictional proliferation in Fatmi’s work, in the variety of media, the back and forth between different themes, and the narratives – outlined, repeated or abandoned.

Searching for the Miraculous, Part II, Elizabeth Withstandley, 2020. This artist’s book, published in a limited edition of 100 copies, documents Withstandley’s 10-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean in July 2019.

Publisher Espe Pons
Presenting: De Sota a llum del mar
A photographic essay that aims to dignify each and every one of Franco’s victims during Spain’s civil war and post-war period. The project is based on the story of the photographer’s grandfather’s younger brother, Tomás Pons Albesa, who was shot in Camp de la Bota, Barcelona, in 1941, at the age of 31.

PEZPLATA Ediciones
Laura Lio and Javier Arnaldo present Criba, an artist’s book with poems by Ada Salas and monotypes by Laura Lio. One of a run of 150 hand-bound numbered and signed copies published by PEZPLATA Ediciones (Madrid, 2021), this artist’s book is an embrace between the graphic and the poetic, between showing and naming. Artist and editor Laura Lio talks with Javier Arnaldo about the written image and the painted word, processes that constitute the very core of this publication, and explain its creative and editorial process.

Presenting: Un negro implacable, lapidario y despiadado: diseccionando a Roberto Obregón
Jesús Fuenmayor and Fernando Castro Flórez.
The bowels of one of the leading conceptual artists of Latin America. In collaboration with the Carolina and Fernando Echeverri Collection.

Presenting: Cómo se enciende un fotolibro: Humo / Smoke
Horacio Fernández, Adrian Tyler, Sonia Berger and Valerie Maasburg.
A slightly melancholy and tumultuous exercise, like smoke itself. 

Presenting: Cecilia Vicuña. Veroír el fracaso iluminado. Cecilia Vicuña. Activismo y arte.
Miguel López, Andrea Pacheco and Manuel Segade.
Co-produced with the CA2M.

La Sala de Arte Joven

Presenting: III Edición. The first phase of the Artistic Production Programme Comunidad de Madrid – DKV. Fuentesal & Arenillas.
Maria Virginia Jaua, Priscila Clementti, Juan Canela, Fuentesal Arenillas.

Cubierta brillante, margen delgado, by Fuentesal & Arenillas, the project that won the third edition of the First Phase of the Artistic Production Programme Comunidad de Madrid – DKV, whose mission is to help young artists under the age of 35 to have their first solo exhibition in an institutional setting.

Presenting: Desde lo curatorial. Conversaciones, experiencias y afectos
Juan Canela and Ángel Calvo Ulloa.
A reflection on curating in Spain, while also touching on the Latin American context, through the voices of several generations and an assessment of the various curatorial practices observed in this fledgling 21st century.

19.00 h
Presenting: Editando arte, construyendo libros
Joan Fontcuberta, Horacio Fernández, Miguel Zugaza and Santiago Fernández de Caleya.
A conversation on art books marking Turner’s 50th anniversary.

Presenting: Ser mujer en el arte.
On Rituales cotidianos. Artists in action.
Magali Arriola, Estrella de Diego, Julieta González and Cristina Lucas. Modera Cuauhtémoc Medina.
“Somewhere along the line you have to choose between the Life and the Project” — Susan Sontag

Presenting: Frida en París
Jorge F. Hernández, Jaime Moreno Villarreal (via Zoom) and Susana Pliego.
A little known episode in the Mexican painter’s life and artistic trajectory.

Casa de Velázquez
Presenting: Monumento Continuo. A lo largo del cauce del trasvase Tajo-Segura

Alessandra Monarcha Souza e Silva Fernandes – architect and artist in residence at the Casa de Velázquez, Académie de France in Madrid, 2020-2021, with Sonia Berger, La Troupe and Enrique González, Taller del Prado. The book, one of a limited edition of 10 numbered and signed copies, reproduces the itinerary from the east of the province of Madrid through La Mancha to Murcia. 

Presenting: Por dentro, por fuera: tiempo y espacio en LA FLÂNEUSE and 210

Laia Argüelles. Artist holding a scholarship from the Diputación de Zaragoza / Casa de Velázquez, 2020-2021.

These two editions, LA FLÂNEUSE and 210, tackle notions of image, body and space through the filter of presence and experience. Though materialised in very different ways, both address the inside and the outside, from the intimate and the sensitive.

Professional Forum ARCO 2021

Andrea Soto Calderón, director and moderator.

ARCO’s forum dedicated to ArtsLibris is a space where professionals can meet and discuss aspects relating to artists’ publications and the place they occupy in the creative process. Our proposal for this forum is to reflect collectively on this particular form of sensitive knowledge that is shown in these publications, which are often overlooked and considered marginal. Yet, it is precisely in this peripheral space that we can best explore how the various modus operandi, experimentations, investigative methodologies, material imagination, derivations, remains and excesses all coalesce to give rise to the artworks. In fact, we could say that it is from this privileged place that we are better able to survey the many artistic gestures that go unnoticed in these works and, from here, spark a new discussion on the creative processes shaping them. 

PROGRAMME — 8 – 10 July

08 July, 18.15 – 19.30
18.15 Introduction by Andrea Soto Calderón
18.30 Conversation between David Maroto and Cristina Garrido

In collaboration with: TBA21 | Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary
09 July, 18.15 – 19.30
18.15 Introduction by Andrea Soto Calderón
18.30 Conversation between Daniela Zyman and Mario García Torres

10 July, 18.15 – 19.30

18.15 Introduction by Andrea Soto Calderón
18.30 Conversation between Valentín Roma and Ángela Molina

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