Al-Tiba9 - Magazine ISSUE11

ISSN: 2696-2497
Tipo: Limited Edition Magazine
Páginas: 116
Medidas: H 28cm x W 21 cm x L 1cm
Idioma: English
Edición: July 2022
© Portada principal y trasera: Liu Chen


Disponibilidad: Hay existencias

ISSUE11 is a special edition of the Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine, mostly inspired by Asian Art on a global scale. This limited edition print is curated and designed to celebrate the 11th issue of the magazine. With innovative visions, testimonies, and a rich list of artworks, it marks a fundamental milestone in Al-Tiba9’s history. The magazine drives its first social statement after connecting creatives with collectors and inspires artists to keep creating amazing and original art.
It features on its Front and Back Cover the work “Kabuki” by Liu Chen from Vietnam, the “Not Me” photographic work by the artist Song Rao from China on the Inner Cover; And the installation art by Pavel Korbička from Czech Republic also stars the Highlight cover of the magazine with the artwork titled “Vertical Nº3.”
The artists featured are: A Young Lee, Alberto Castiñeira Iglesias, Allegra Bick-Maurischat, Annet Katan, Aomi Kikuchi, Arushee Suri, Austin Cullen, Bai Liu, CheongA Kang, Chiaki Shimizu, Cynthia Grow, Fenqiang Liu, Galla, Gongjie Liu, Irina Greciuhina, Jiaqi Pan, Jongbum Kim, Karla Marchesi, Kyle Yip, Laurent Bayeuil, Leonardo Guglielmi, Maria Foka (The Benchmark), Marie Marchandise, Nathalie Daoust, Pavel Korbička, Rio Chen, Shaleen Garba, Shan Xu, Shir Zalcman, Shuai Xu, Simone Marconi, Song Rao, Sonia Bukhgalter, Suly Bornstein-Wolff, Suyu Chen, SV Randall, Swilk, Taweechob Pinthong, Tianlan Deng, Vicente Cayuela Aliaga, Wei Ting Chen, WHYIXD, Yan Yang, Yannie Gu, Yujie Li, Yunah Seo.

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