Una geología de los medios

Title:  Una geología de los medios
Author: Jussi Parikka
Publisher: Caja Negra
Nº pages: 296
Edition: 2021
Translation: Maximiliano Gonnet
ISBN: 978-987-1622-93-1


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The history of our medial culture is billions of years old. But deciphering the digital environment that governs our lives requires more than an exercise in semiotic interpretation. Against the current of the glorifying discourses of a supposed digital immateriality, Jussi Parikka points out here that today’s digital machines and their socio-technical fabric depend on both electricity and a variety of minerals that are traded on the rise in world markets while spilling toxins on the environment and affect the health of those involved in the manufacture of these devices.

Una geología de los medios, the first book translated into Spanish by the Finnish researcher, excavates the long-term temporal strata of our medial materiality: the history of the Earth, its metals, its chemistry and its minerals, elements that constitute the materiality of the digital media and give the technical environment its geological condition. In line with the rejection of the humanist teleology of Donna Haraway, Rosi Braidotti and the new materialisms, in parallel with the criticisms of extractivism and its effects on the part of feminist and postcolonial studies, Parikka’s geocentric and inorganic perspective constitutes a vigorous attempt to place media theory up to the challenge of the Anthropocene.

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